Friday, July 1, 2011

Dealtry +Wiksten Designs

                                          Photos by Tara Donne                 

Here are the silk tank top and sundress that Wiksten and I collaborated on, modeled here by us with photography by Tara Donne.
It was so great to work with Jenny of Wiksten, her brand  and aesthetic are truly one of a kind and she has an incredibly loyal customer base, who really appreciate the craftsmanship which goes into each beautifully made garment. A dream collaboration!

To tell you a little about the design process-
Firstly, Jenny and I traded ideas, imagery and color palettes, then I set to work on the print design. 
I have been a bit obsessed with torn wallpaper for years, the whole 'hidden beauty' thing really appeals to me. I love how each rip call reveal a lost era of design, so that's where I took early inspiration. I also paint a lot of florals each season, but I am more naturally attracted to geometry and repetition in design, so a melding of the two styles is what I was going for. Dainty ditsies from a distance but Geo's on closer inspection. 
WG Designs wanted to make sure that the pattern would sit in with Wikstens summer line nicely but also add a new edge. We decided on a lovely cerulean blue with pops of bright pink and fluro  yellow. 

We then sourced a US brand to have the fabric digitally printed. Woking Girl Design team took care of the Textile production side of things, whilst Wiksten dealt with the garment design, pattern making and sewing. 
As Jenny commented;  "Our end product is two garment designs that are totally easy, light as air, and joyous.  Perfect for a cheerful summer!" We couldn't be happier with the results.