Sunday, September 25, 2011

Palettes: Plummy sunsets

Popped in to see goddess of flora, Nicolette! She was putting together some gorgeous dahlia infused settings for NYC tables and weddings this weekend.
 Ah, to have a wedding designed by this lady. Her arrangements always look so naturally effortless, like they were just gathered in a meadow on a walk, totally dreamy.
Arranged and photographed by Nicolette

An insight into the change of colors to come...

Erdem F/W 2011
The Standard NY, from the Highline
Grapes from the studio grounds
A bit of Kate in Vogue September 2011
September sky

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crafty women

-Hey all,

As the weather is beginning to turn here in NYC it's time to take full advantage of the dwindling warm evenings with some crafting outdoors.

We are talking Dreamcatching crafters!
Jenny being crafty here    

and here.
At the beautiful Odette studio

 Inspired by these fine ladies at Wiksten, Odette and MCMC Perfumes who have done some real beauties, a few of us thought we would have a go ourselves. More about each of these truly talented women to come!
Also, I am finally watching David Lynch's Twin Peaks, it's amazing.  For anyone who is familiar, I think you'll agree that  the 'D-C' fits right in with all the other oddball fashion/textile/awesomeness going on there. I'm finding that I'm now strangely drawn to bad, christmas gift style sweaters in thrift stores, and I'm only just beginning season 2!

You will need:
-Threads/ Ribbons
-Beads and bits
- We also used old bits of WG designs fabrics, torn into strips for around the hoops.

I found simple instructions here.

Nail painting break

A Chanel 'frosted peach' nail ( for Lara Flynn-Boyle)

 Have fun weaving!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Premiere Vision, Paris

Twice a year we show our Textiles at a trade show in Paris. Premiere Vision is one of the largest annual trade shows for Textile design and is housed in a giant hangar style building a short train ride outside the city.

Images from here

So the month before the show it's all hands on deck for the 'churn' of textiles for the event of the Textile season.

Wonderful and talented intern, Gaby, helping with garment making

Some unfinished fabrics
Hand-painted designs