Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steps to textile design

Hi all, sorry it's been such a long time since my last post, moving into spring so quickly and it's a busy time for us. Spring/summer is print crazy!

I thought it time that I made a wee introduction, and I'm hoping to give the WG company blog a little more of a personal touch going forwards, after all, that's what I like most about many of the blogs and designers I follow.

My name's Helen and I have been designing printed textiles for the last twelve years, mostly here in New York city, but also in London where I'm from. I really hope you enjoy the blog, I'm new to this and would love to hear any comments or questions you may have. Can't wait to hear from you guys!
So here goes, a bit about the prints I create...

As a textile designer it's a bonus if you can turn your hand to a great many print styles, be it a bold Geo, animal prints, abstract mark-making, traditional decorative or floral.  At the moment it's all about the mix, which is a nicely liberating for us printers.

Florals are always a winner in spring/summer and below are some photos of the process which went into my last print group. 

Drawing the 'thumb-nails' before I start

Painting the elements
Creating the print composition

Then it's getting the designs ready and off to the printers. Stay tuned!
In the meanwhile, come follow me on instagram!  @shopdealtry ;)