Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Back in Art School I remember my teachers emphasizing the importance of sketchbooks.

 I was always envious of the students who could lose themselves in this medium, and the incredible thought process which they documented this way. I kept sketchbooks, and now I look back on them and see the beginnings of good ideas but I also see the 'tightness' of my hand in them.
Freedom for me has always been a large open canvas or piece of paper, but I do wish I could reign it in and produce a jewel of a piece like the work of this artist, Alison Warmon. Would love to look through these pieces she makes.

At the end of my degree show back in 2000, many of the students were asked whether they were selling their sketchbooks, by collectors, designers even the teachers.
The honesty displayed within those pages for most, was pricless. Broke or not, it was the one part of our degree shows not for sale.

via The Aviary


  1. How could one ask to buy a sketchbook? That horrifies me. I've also always been jealous of sketchbook (and diary) keepers. List-making and photo collecting is the closest I get.

  2. Right?! Great starting point/inspiration for a designer to use I guess, but it's like reading someones diary. New Years resolution is to try and have a stab at the sketchbook again, I'll let you know how it goes!