Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scarves by Dealtry. Look Book, part 2

Jenny scarf in red

 Photos by Jennifer Modeled by Anouk Frosch
All Jewelery worn is by Odette

Add a pop of color to your wintery palette, with the jenny in lush tomato red! 
The scarf comes in the longer length of 72 x 26 inches and has a fun flash of minty green trim along the scarfs length. 

the jenny in long black

Mix this print in with an all black look or even better, mix it in with other prints - dots or leopard prints look great with this.

Silk twill 72 x 26 inches 

  the anouk in salmon

This color-way looks beautiful with winter neutrals and will be so pretty in spring too. Wear it with a flash of red lippy!

This scarf comes in 72 x 26 inches

the jenny in black square

All textiles © Helen Dealtry 2011

The lush silk twill folds down nicely to a scarf or wear as a shawl on chilly evenings.
Dimensions are 50 x 50 inches. 

The scarfs are $180 in the long 26 x 72 inch size and $225 for the large 50 x 50 inch square. We will be selling through the shop next week!

There will be a special holiday sale discount this friday and saturday at the mews party. We hope you can drop by for a glass of wine!


  1. The Jenny in red is my favorite of them all! Love the green trim.

  2. These are all so beautiful Helen, congratulations!

  3. I love my new scarf!! Thank you!!
    So much fun to hang out with you yesterday.
    I will try very hard to complete my end of things before the New Year. :)

  4. fantastic, I really love the Jenny scarf in black. Such a great length

  5. OMG! They are all so beautiful...
    I don't know wich one I love more!