Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Austin print inspiration

I love vintage and antique shops, fact. I'm a little bit obsessed with the 40's and 50's and the printed textiles of that era. I scour ebay and vintage markets for new print inspiration and also for any great dresses (ideally with a waist that will fit!) to add to the archives.

My target is for two new print designs a day, so you can imagine how quickly I run out of ideas! Working alongside some truly talented people, visiting museums, flee markets, books and travel are just some of the sources that help me to keep making!

The Rose bowl in LA is a favorite but Austin, Texas has to be one of my top spots so far for amazing vintage stores. I was lucky enough to be part of the Dobbin mews entourage who were making a trip to Austin for a trunk show at the beautiful Spartan store. Thanks for having me along ladies!

Photo of me via Jennifer! Hey, Fay can you be my hair stylist everyday??

image by Jennifer

Gorgeous displays at Spartan
One of the best vintage stores we visited, Laced with romance

Vintage inspired prints on the way...
More on our Austin trip to come!


  1. looks like you had such a great time! i'm also a huge fan of 50s textile patterns, but it's the cuts man, the cuts! i don't think there exists another era that celebrated the female form so fanatically as the 50s while still keeping what needs to be hidden "hidden", especially versus all the "mini" stuff nowadays!

    1. Ha haaa, totally the cuts Kay! I have just started getting into swing dancing and it is making my obsessions worse! I love how put together everyone looked, all the details like the hair, brooches, hats etc. Think I'm becoming a forties nut.

  2. So much good stuff there, let's go back!