Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New class!

It's going to be a fun afternoon! Purchase a spot in the class over at the shop. I hope I get to meet some of you!


  1. Oh how I wish i could do this class, it looks fabulous. So, is there any way you can do an internet course?? Like the Lilla Rogers course or my lovely friend Rachael Taylor (now Davies) surface pattern course? Crazy idea, but it could make you a small fortune?? Then you could award me a place??Your work is lovely by the way :)

  2. too bad I live in Texas....do you think you can do a skillshare class?

    1. Hi Aneela, it's something I am considering in the future for sure, there seem to be a lot of folk from outside of New York who might be interested!

  3. Would love this class! Come to the Los Angeles area!

  4. Oh I want to come SO badly but I'm in Minnesota .... I second the skillshare idea!

  5. I agree - a Skillshare class would be amazing. It's a great learning platform. The good thing about it is that the class remains open, so anyone can take it at any time. Whereas the ABSPD course - only takes place a couple of times a year.