Monday, August 12, 2013

Florals for textiles at Dobbin Mews

Such a talented bunch of ladies took my class a few weeks ago, it was a pleasure painting and chatting with everyone. The event was held at the studio of my gracious friends and colleagues, Nicolette Owen and Fay Andrada, who are based across the way from my own studio space, at Dobbin Mews.
A mix. My painting and real flowers from the class
Below are a few of the photos taken by Dana, who writes about the day over on her blog, I hope you'll go take a look!      


  1. Hello,

    Got to see your designs! Your skills are amazing and I loved your designs. Through your blogs I got an idea that you also do workshops for basic to intermediate level. I want to have this basic idea about hand painting to start practicing this art. By any chance you having any class in Bay Area or in San Francisco?
    Pls do inform incase you have. I would like to have tips from you.
    Thank you.

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  2. Hi! My name is Karen, i'm from Brasil! I saw your work on Pinterest =] Congratulations, i'ts amazing! Beautiful!
    I was wondering, where do you teach? I Love paintings, flowers, and i'm a fashion designer, so I think that's the perfect combination for me! My e-mail is
    Thank you very much!